Where did the idea come from? Edit

The closest answer for that question revolves around the creator of the species, Laguna (Goes by Garry too), being unable to decide what furry species he wanted to be. This fiasco stretched into probably a year of constantly doing quizzes, personality files and testing which faunas matched his taste. The results were, like they were at the beginning, nearly all animals were to Laguna's liking and he still couldn't decide what he wanted.

A friend suggested sharks, which had been entertained, only to then be focused on. Laguna was a sort of special snowflake so a myriad of modifications went into this species eventually resulting in goo. Suffice to say the fact Naryid's are flexible because of this-- it was a little bit of trivia Laguna enjoyed.

Outside of that a tempest of ideas were put to paper, fun trivia ensued and interest inflated among a group of friends. This wiki is here to organize all of that, this page being clarification for how it all came about sans a proper timeline. This was all done for fun, more or less, and will continued to be a source of free time and harmless fantasy.

In the end anyone is welcome to create a Naryid, whether conforming to this wiki's lore or not. Although it is encouraged for continuities sake the information on this page at least be kept if you're to give the Naryid (per)Sona a backstory.

Naryid origins? Edit

The earliest record for this species was lost to time, most xenobiologists guess that an impossibly large astral body reminiscent of prehistoric earth fragmented or detonated leading to a series of fast moving rocks rich with dormant life. These plummeting seeds to this day hurl around in the vacuum of space continually accelerating thanks to the initial explosive force and a lack of substantial gravity. The chunks of rock that weren't halted or destroyed reached speeds so great the very fabric of space warped around them like the yawning mouth of eternity. A planets corpse, what was left of it, was now forever plunged into an impossible corridor of senseless space.

The surface of these now impossibly fast rocks were torn clean and resemble onyx fragments, black and sharpened with an edge unnatural to the shape. Beneath the surface of minerals and torn topsoil lie a bounty of luminous, glowing opals about the size of a human newborn. These objects range in a color spectrum of about 50, the data from which is collected when these orbs are jettisoned out the side of the rock and hurdled through space at an impressive speed often resulting in the destruction of a vessel or an impressive news story planet side.

Outside of the landmasses that are virtually speeding along quick enough to bend space-time it is unknown how these small objects survive being thrown let alone entering atmospheres without facing instantaneous damage to themselves and the landmass they're fired into. This doesn't seem to be the case for the unlucky space-ships that meet one of those shooting shapes head on.

Examination reveals that the shapes of unknown origin are not metallic, not even mineral in nature and instead are decidedly biotic comprised of homogeneous matter that stirs with particular agitation when in an atmosphere with hydrogen and oxygen present. Once properly exposed, typically ranging from an hour to a entire day one can note a volitile and unexpected change.

What was once an orb the size of a baby is a opaque or see-through sharkmorph ranging from a height of four feet to even heights of nine feet and above. Although not outwardly aggressive the recently awakened Naryid will become aroused and curious of its environment and attempt to explore as much as possible, observers mention that during the periods following their activity it is like watching a child bumble around. Episodes of falling, tripping and crawling are not uncommon and leads many that discover this plucky species to call them pets not knowing the potential for their intellect that could manifest weeks later maybe even days depending on the individual.

Much like a child a once dormant Naryid has a window of extreme impressionability ranging from their personality to what language they'll speak and even eating habits. This is determined in order of ; Where they landed, the native population, the language present, the food available, the first thing the Naryid eats and the resulting interactions thereafter. This period of impression lasts for an entire month and after which will lessen but never truly go away, the species is adaptable and hardy.

Naryid are among a mixed reception in the galaxy at large. While many can be friendly and easy going, it's not out of the question some could be the radical opposite. Nothing quite as frightening as a lumbering shark morph capable of shapeshifting going on a murderhappy spree.

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