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A compendium, a collection of knowledge about a fictional race of goo-like space sharks. A great deal of liberty is taken into the biology and general information of these creatures so please keep some patience. Other then that, please enjoy your stay~.

If you happen to find yourself host or in possession of a Naryid congratulations, explains a lot as to why you're here! Be very mindful of what they eat, be as curious as they are and keep up a good bedside manner!

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    New page: Contents[show] An Overview Edit What exactly makes a Naryid any different then most Goofurs or even the occasional and (somewhat rare) goo shark?...
    Summary: Some stuff
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    Summary: Something.
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    New page: Where did the idea come from? Edit The closest answer for that question revolves around the creator of the species, Laguna (Goes by Garry too), being...
    Summary: Added some neat stuff yo.
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    Hello, I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. We're excited to have Naryid Wiki as part of the FANDOM community! It ... 

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