An Overview Edit

What exactly makes a Naryid any different then most Goofurs or even the occasional and (somewhat rare) goo shark? Well for instance unlike many slimes, oozes and or goo's the Naryid have a requirement to breath not to mention they can often be very solid bordering on flesh and bones. Ultimately the question of "what's different" becomes an increasingly case by case matter the further the Naryid grows and the current state it's in. But for the most part this section will contain general information and a somewhat detailed account of Naryid biology. For all tenses and purposes this will be brief and often glaze over the finer bits of technical terms and functionality, the goal is to educate and not bore after all~!

The matter that comprises a Naryid is homogeneous meaning it is identical and no matter how much you remove or tear apart the whole of the mass can substitute and operate given sufficient mass. The properties of the matter changes on the temperature implying it is much more reactive and nearly artificial in how it behaves, a hot environment will cause the Naryid's form to become increasingly more hard and caramel like while a colder take will cause them to be more fluid and runny. Often leading to unique interaction whether it be in a shower or a far more risque situation.

Due to the state of the Naryid body there are no discernible organs only bits of their mass that play the part meaning what is an eye one second could just as easily morph into and undergo the task of a mouth. On a cellular level the colonies of cells comprising a single Naryid can be compared to uniform stem cells showing near limitless potential but ultimately having a form they set as a "base" and often revert to either as a result of exhaustion or a brief and often unsettling spasm.

Despite having no brain each cell is capable of keeping a compendium, library, of memories and other keys to the whole of the organism. It's postulated that the reason for this either comes from the original world of the Naryid or it was a survival mechanism attributed to their current existence.

When a piece of a Naryid is separated from the primary "cluster" it came from the matter undergoes a transformation that takes about as much time as it is large often adding seconds onto by the pound. The result is an inedible resin that can only be thrown away or discarded from the main mass. It is for this very reason dissection often goes wrong and results in staff waiting for the subject to slowly but surely regrow limbs and sections of their body back.

Naryid have a sufficient ability to feel pain and will often react accordingly when being skewered or hurt, likewise their reactions are heightened thanks to the fact all of their cells can take on the job of a nerve. They're compared to having somewhat above average senses and reactions as a result however they do have their limits and cannot outdo machinery or enhanced individuals.

All and all Naryid biology just really concerns the material that comprises them. An unknown chemical that takes on various properties concerning the Naryid diet, it leads many individuals to consider the species the holy grail of genetic modification and robotics research. The closest approximate, again, would be to compare the mass to a being made entirely of pluripotent stem cells.

"Bijou" state Edit

Nicknamed as such due to the appearance, this is usually what most individuals encounter a Naryid as. A gem that fell from the sky and makes either a massive crater or massive splash, with colors ranging from over 50 shades this form quickly garners either interest or abandonment. In an environment with both oxygen and hydrogen either in the atmosphere or water and air surrounding it physically this form is quickly shed and the newly awakened Naryid takes its first steps after such a long nap.

This state is regarded as near death and study implies it can be an indefinite slumber until the conditions of both water and air are met.

Aside from that? The Naryid in question is completely at the mercy of the environment, the 'shell' being hard but not unbreakable. A sufficiently hot and then cold object can pierce the infantile Naryid and cause it to waste away to a hostile and void environment.

Examination reveals the structure, despite being like a solid oval like gem, to be like an embryo and despite being inactive have an incredible potential to rocket into action thanks to stored energy and inert chemical reactions just waiting for the right cue.

Adolescence Edit

A period of a month following the awakening of the Naryid. This stage of life for a Naryid begins directly after the Bijou is shed, the outer layer of the inert oval erupts into a sea of either solid or see-through color that then adapts the traits of a common shark morph. Following this, movement and a period of high impressionability allowing the subject to both develop a personality, learn a language and garner a basic education. This stage is what determines a variety of things about a specific Naryid including their personalities and quirks.

Often a special bond is developed with those around the adolescent Naryid reminiscent of closely knit families.

Adult and beyond Edit

This point in life immediately occurs once a full month has passed. A Naryid that journey's into adulthood finds an increased capacity to manipulate their form bordering on the supernatural giving them the capacity to both defend and attack should they wish it. And while their impression skills have waned they will always possess an innate sense of curiosity and a heightened sensitivity when encountering something new.

Physically, however, there is no distinction between an adolescent and adult Naryid. Due to the fact that even in adolescence a Naryid can look fully grown it can only be discerned through observation or interaction with the subject. However susceptibility to heat and the lack thereof is increased a pinch, meaning this could be a viable test if you were willing to try it.

Diet Edit

A Naryid performs a variety of intense and efficient chemical reactions within and around its body however the most unique is what it wants to eat. This changes on a case by case basis and is determined by the first thing a Naryid phagocytizes (puts into itself and eats), what doesn't change however is the fact that a Naryid must break down and dissolve what they put near or in themselves to eat it.

A Naryid doesn't appear to have anything they cannot eat aside from resin developed from their own mold, slime that hardened when away from them, another Naryid and anything engineered to combat their physiology. It's no stretch to say you couldn't find anything naturally they wouldn't and couldn't consume: so long as it has nutrients and can undergo some chemical reaction.

Behavior Edit

Aside from an innate curiosity and an occasional glance at the direction they fell from, Naryid behaviors are solely the result of impression and intelligence thereafter. Truly the species has limitless potential in being as different as it can be from another member.

Again, they are also inclined to form very close relationships to those they contact first on a planet even if it is a rare conversation or two.

Vulnerabilities Edit

The need for oxygen and a supply of food is a very easy way to kill a Naryid if that's what you're after. They require a supply of matter to break down and fully deplete of nutrients in order for them to comfortably maintain their lives. There is also the matter of the fact that without both oxygen and hydrogen (water) present you are less likely to find a Naryid as much as you are a Bijou and even then the appearance of more than one planet side is a rare sight. Temperature also does a number on their ability to be either solid or runny, hot being the ticket to make them more solid and cold resulting in a runny mess. Using the two in conjunction can severely harm a Naryid.

Removing parts of a Naryid and isolating the matter results in the part in question becoming like amber, a resin, and cannot be reused by the Naryid it came from due to a happy little mistake in the chemical composition. Often this can be worked around by exploiting whatever the Naryid first ate, for instance if a Naryid were to eat candy and sweets the thing capable of preventing a resin-cascade is fruit. For meat it would have to be vegetation in general or perhaps even a substitute like Tofu, the opposite rules in this case.

Remove too much, literally rip out a Naryid piece by piece and you can easily kill them. A resin cast of their whole body will put them into a stasis like death.

Reproduction Edit

Naryid despite having no genitals can and will make their own to use in reproduction. Surprisingly the way a Bijou is generated is not too dissimilar from mammals. After a period of sexual arousal that prompts the formation of sexual organs the two Naryid vigorously pleasure each other before ultimately depositing a portion of their "essence" (sexual fluid, think like sperm but without the need for haploid sperm cells). Typically the two Naryid will carry each others child within their body until expelling it once the Bijou forms to an appropriate size.

The sensation of a Naryid sexual organ is unmistakable from what it's attempting to copy and often allows them to slip into society, however they may only create children with another Naryid. Even then the two Naryid must not be clones or otherwise identical, a genetic difference is needed to be pooled in combining into a Bijou.

It's not unheard of for a Naryid to end up with only one holding a child, often resulting in some form of agreement or as a result of less then conventional intercourse.

The sensations regarding sex can easily get addictive to a Naryid so it is advised to limit longterm exposure if partnered to one. It can be argued that, as a result, a Naryid's libido is a reflection of their mates.

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